Friday, August 26, 2016

20 Beautiful Oil paintings of Women by Francine Van Hove

Oil Paintings: Francine Van Hove was born in Paris and she is a contemporary French artist. She completed her degree in fine arts at Lycee Claude Bernard Arts School. Her first solo Oil Painting exhibition was in 1971 and her collections are available throughout Europe, Japan and USA. Her oil paintings of women are very realistic and exquisite works of art. She is well known for her transparent skin tones and she expresses beauty in a different form. Her painting techniques are similar to the italain painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. We have included 25 realistic oil paintings of women by Francine Van Hove for your inspiration.

Daily Inspiration: Realistic drawing of eyes by ayman fahmy

Daily Inspiration: funny bicycle fail

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Daily Inspiration: amazing cat nails

10 Creative Mural Drawings on Nissan Skyline Sports Car

Drawings on Car : An auto enthusiast's wife did some beautiful drawing on some scratches on the bumper and since the hubby didn't like the original silver color, he allowed to his wife to show her artistic talents and her drawings glowed when the sun was up. She covered the Nissan car with her intricate drawings, it took her 100 hours to finish the work, but the work was worth it. After drawing intricate designs, she gave many clear coats for protection of her drawing. In this post we have included the Amazing Mural Drawings on Car.
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Daily Inspiration: Realistic pencil drawing by jolieandmore

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

25 Creative Brochure Designs and Design Ideas for your inspiration

Brochure Design
Creative Brochure Designs : Purpose of brochure may vary from business to business. Some are designed to display services, whereas others are focused on selling a product. Print design is becoming quite influential in print design. As I am looking for print design references for a brochure I am working on, I decided to select some nice brochures and print design examples to share with you. Brochure is very important part of advertisement. Don't forget that a fantastic looking brochure is crucial to advertising. 
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Beautiful 3D Robot Models and Character designs by Salvo Brullo

3D Robot Models
Salvo Brullo : I always enjoyed drawing as a child when I watched a lot of cartoons. I started with Computer graphic when I had an Amiga 500; after much time spent on 2D graphics I began to learn 3d independently, attracted by the possibility of giving life to things that doesn't exist. I worked as webdesigner and 2D/3D graphic. In this post we have included salvo brullo's 3d models and other rendering for your inspiration. 
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15 Photo Realistic Oil Paintings by Ruddy Taveras

Photo Realistic Oil Paintings : Ruddy Taveras born in 1980 at Valverde Mao is quite popular for his still life oil paintings of everyday objects. From his early childhood he was inclined towards the artisitic world. His paintings have become internationally popular due to the nature of photo realism attached to them. He graduated from the National school of Fine Arts in Santa Domingo. From 2008 he devoted himself to creating photo realistic oil paintings as he always liked the realism in his paintings. Ruddy has participated in several national and international painting competitions and his oil paintings are recognized by the art community. In this post we have included 15 Photo Realistic Oil Paintings by Ruddy Taveras.

Daily Inspiration: Hyper realistic painting by kathrin longhurst

Daily Inspiration: funny photo manipulation

Monday, August 22, 2016

20 Photographs of Olympic Athletes Crying - Most Inspiring Photos

Sports Photography
You wouldn't think that crying was a fun pastime. But in the last few weeks, we've not stopped doing it. We wailed in work, sobbed on our sofa, and we've had moments of crying on the tube just remembering Jess Ennis' face when she won the heptathlon. So as it comes to a close, here's our tribute to all things weepy during London 2012. Suffice to say that in a minute, we'll be crying again. Oh god, we're going. 
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50 Beautiful Bird Paintings and Art works for your inspiration

Bird Paintings
Bird Paintings: Most artists look for for inspiration, when they want to make bird paintings or drawings. Some of the world's favourite birds are found as bird paintings for the whole world to admire their elegance and beauty.In this post we have added Top 50 Bird paintings for your inspiration.Bird paintings bring you closer to nature as birds are nature's wonderful creatures. From striking Red, blue and Yellow, birds are adorned with striking colors, which is truly mesmerizing. Some of the bird paintings are so life like, you feel that that the birds are alive on the paper and ready for flight anytime. 
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Daily Inspiration: funny cat stuck on antenna

Daily Inspiration: 3d girl model character fygomatic

Daily Inspiration: 3d girl model character fygomatic

3d girl model character fygomatic
3d girl model character fygomatic
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15 Beautiful Digital Artworks and Illustrations By Chris Beatrice

Beautiful Digital Art : Chris Beatrice is an artist who made our childhood wonderful by introducing various characters in magical lands. His work consists of myths, legends, folklore, fairy tales and history. He owned our hearts with his wide range of work including game art, beautiful fairy tales and book covers such as Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's. His outstanding work in fantasy art and digital art with game designing of popular city building games gave him new heights. His contributions includes CaesarLords of the Realm and many more. Some of them bagged him various awards. In addition to all this he also contributes to packaging, magazines, posters, concept art & visual development and other creative avenues. Scroll down to see some of his beautiful work and get transported to your cherished childhood. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

40 Creative Construction Logos Design examples for your inspiration

Construction Logos
Construction logo design ideas: Yes, every business needs brand marketing. So why not for your construction business? Nowadays most of the marketing and sales of buildings and residential apartments are mostly done online, so it's equally important to have brand recognition and a cool logo for your business would be an ideal choice. Logo designers prioritize shapes and patterns according to the business type. Since it's a construction business, the ideal choice would be stacked blocks or something similar to blocks in different colors or even work around a typography logo design for the business. User friendliness and simplicity is the most important factor in any logo design. So do you have a construction business, planning to set up a website or are you a logo designer looking for inspiration? Enjoy these creative construction logos design ideas from around the world and be amazed. Our Favorite logo designs are Hendrickson construction, Lego industrial contructors, Hofmans Builders, Premium Engineering & Construction, pulse construction and Oliva Buildings. 
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15 Best and Most Famous American Photographers

Best Photographers
American Best Photographers: In this post we have included the 15 Top and Most famous American Photographers who have inspired the world with their creative and mind-blowing photography.Each of these american photographers have their own specialities, some of them are no more but their legend still carries and is a great inspiration for budding photographers. Who would have thought that war photos would have been so famous, have a look at our post and you will know what we are talking about. Our best photographers list follows, 
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