Tuesday, May 23, 2017

25 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings by Jongkie

Watercolor painting: Jongkie is an illustrator/artist from Kota Wisata Batu in Indonesia. His unique style in watercolor paintings has made him popular on many social media sites especially in instagram. According to his website," His unique style is exemplified as a result of him not merely replicating the reference picture he is using but adding his own imagination and signature style which he has named the 'magic effect'. Jongkie describes his work as "fantasy world". This is evident through the concept, message and styles captured in each piece of work he produces. Jongkie says "I want to share my vision and inspiring people by illustration". His watercolor paintings are recognized worldwide and are available for prints through request on his sites. Enjoy the mystical watercolor paintings by Luqman Reza, popularly known as 'Jongkie' and be amazed.
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Daily Inspiration: Beautiful flower photography by rehan

Monday, May 22, 2017

20 Beautiful Surreal Digital Art works by Cyril Rolando

Surreal Digital Art works by Cyril Rolando: Cyril Rolando is a french digital artist. Eventhough he is a psychologist, he also has a passion for digital painting. For the past eight years he has been into surreal digital painting. Even though it's been only 8 years, he has a an eye for detail and uses quite vibrant colors. Imagine you walk into an art gallery, you sit in front of a bench staring at some white birds flying in the sky, suddenly, those birds break free from the portrait, well this picture is real stunning. He has done quite a brilliant job in capturing the light effect and shadows, personally I feel the colors are quite warm and captivates the viewers by its own stories. We have put together a beautiful collection surreal digital art works by Cyril Rolando for your inspiration.

Daily Inspiration: Beautiful wildlife photography by amazing photography

Friday, May 19, 2017

20 Creative Street Art and Paintings by Sean Yoro

Street Art works by Sean Yoro: Sean Yoro is also known as SUP artist and his street art workshave gone viral on the internet as he does his paintings while standing on surf board. Like any painting, models are first photographed and he draws these huge lifelike street art works on rocky platforms, while standing still on his surfboard. It takes him anywhere between 12 to 24 hrs to complete his painting. Most of Sean's street artworks, features women. Sean Yoro was born in Oahu, Hawaii, where he grew up enjoying surfing. In an interview with Grindtv,when asked about how he started painting?, he said,"Art didn't interest me until my teenage years when I began to idolize local graffiti artists for the work they did on public walls. From there, I began drawing and sketching a lot during my free time. But it wasn't until college that I dropped into a fine art class and learned how to paint the human figure". In this post we have added 20 Street Art works by Sean Yoro for your inspiration.

Daily Inspiration: 3d wall drawing horse by Truly Design

3d wall drawing horse by Truly Design
3d wall drawing horse by Truly Design
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

10 Beautiful Concept Art by Yichuan Li

Concept art: Yichuan Lee is a chinese digital artist, who makes these beautiful illustrations. All his digital illustrations seem to have some kind of war, revenge or vengeance related to them. Yichuan Lee is also known as Rike Lee in the art circles. His digital art is very detailed and is a combination of modern art and traditional culture. Yichuan Lee's digital art takes you back to another era. Using concept art, Yichuan lee brings forth his imagination and creativity in the form of beautiful digital illustrations. He is quite popular for his Japanese Geisha's and fantasy characters which pop out with vibrant colors. Enjoy these beautiful concept art digital illustrations by Yichuan Lee and be amazed. Share them with your friends if you liked this post and come back for more interesting and entertaining stuff.
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Daily Inspiration: Beautiful bird photography

Beautiful bird photography
Beautiful bird photography
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

20 Beautiful Illusion Painting Works by Alex Garant

Illusion Painting by Alex Garant: When was the last time you got your eyes checked? Well I'm sure if you have a look at these Illusion paintings by Alex Garant, I'm sure you will be left blurred for sometime. Alex Garant got quite popular on the social media sites through her illusion paintings. She creates beautiful portraits, and adds three or four pairs of eyes to the face and makes it extremely difficult to understand the person's face. Well it's no wonder she is known as Queen of double eyes. Alex Garant is a canadian artist who uses certain kinds of colourful patterns and duplication of elements to create her most astonishing illusion paintings. Her oil paintings uses a lot of colour and with the duplication of elements makes it an interesting watch. Alex Garant graduated from visual arts at Notre Dame De Foy College and after her graduation she settled down in Toronto, Canada, where she currently works from.

Daily Inspiration: 3d Street Art by wd

3d Street Art by wd
3d Street Art by wd
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

15 Mind-Blowing luminous Paintings by Italian artist Cristoforo Scorpinti

GLOW PAINTING : Italian artist Cristoforco Scorpinti gives a whole new way of looking at paintings when the sun goes down. The glow-in-the-dark paintings of cristoforco are amazing and challenging that one can appreciate a painting in full light. His career as an artist was unexpected but when he entered artistic world it was a glorious journey. Cristoforco uses thin layers of luminescent paint, his work has a dual look - one artwork with lights on, and another when they are off. He mainly focuses on animals and dreamy landscapes as his subject for which he uses dark silhouettes and abstract colour combinations to form captivating new appeal.

25 Beautiful and Realistic Pencil Drawings by Ayman Fahmy

Realistic Pencil drawings: Ayman Fahmy is popularly known as Aymanarts on instagram. He is a graphic designer and artist who specializes in color pencil drawings, oil paintings, water color paintings and also Gouache art. His black & white color pencil drawings of popular characters from Hollywood movies like Harry Potter, celebrity portraits, teeny tiny babies are very interesting to watch. His color pencil drawings are very much detailed and he always makes his art super realistic. Ayman's drawing of eyes is totally mesmerizing. Have a look at the beautiful and realistic pencil drawings by Ayman Fahmy and be amazed. Watch this space for more such fun and entertaining stuff.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Daily Inspiration: Wildlife photography by Sarah Connor

15 Beautiful Animal Digital Art Works by Tina

Digital Painting: Digital art by Tina is so much inspired from nature. Her love for animals and art is shown beautifully through her digital painting works. Tina is a digital artist from Norway and her work is quite popular on the social media website. Tina is a freelance digital artists and takes on commission works too. Her favourite animals constantly featured in her digital painting are foxes, bullfinch, tapirs, jackdaw and ofcourse jumping spiders. Her fox paintings are quite petite looking and so full of life. You can see the cheerfulness in almost all her painting works. The lighting, colors are a beautiful combination, which makes one want more of her artistic works. Take a look at the beautiful digital paintings by Norway artist Tina and come back for more such entertaining stuff.
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Daily Inspiration: Bird Digital Painting by Rene Campbell

Friday, April 28, 2017

15 Beautiful Digital Art works by Rika Mello

Digital Art: Rika Mello is a digital artist based in Guangdong, China. Mello loves to paint and her animation movie characters of Elsa from Frozen movie is simply mind blowing, you can see the queen Elsa in Flames, whereas in the movie whatever Elsa touches will turn into ice. Most of her characters portrayed in her digital painting are women and they are like fairytale creatures, so dainty, yet so powerful. Enjoy the digital artworks by Rika Mello and be inspired. She takes on commission work and for more fun digital paintings visit her website. Many people thought Rika was weird as she didn't have any friends, and any spare time she found was used for painting, but through the world of internet, she is able to express her creativity and it gives her plenty of satisfaction.
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Daily Inspiration: Rainbow fruit by sarah Illenberger

Thursday, April 27, 2017

15 Beautiful Acrylic Paintings by Raghunath Sahoo

Acrylic paintings: Raghunath Sahoo is an Indian artist from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He is quite popular for his watercolor paintings and acrylic paintings of the rural life. Most of his subjects are from rural India like little children, villages, scenes from villages and still life. He is a master of light and shade when it comes to his acrylic paintings. Raghunath Sahoo completed a degree in arts from the BK Art College in 1995. Upon graduation he has been totally involved his art work and with many years of experience, he is a totally versatile artist. If you would like to own an artwork of Raghunath Sahoo, it's available for sale in many websites or you can just download these paintings and frame them too. Enjoy the beautiful acrylic paintings by Raghunath Sahoo and be inspired. 

Daily Inspiration: Creative artwork by Beverly Salas

Creative artwork by Beverly Salas
Creative artwork by Beverly Salas
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

20 Colorful Paintings and illustrations by Emily Tan

Painting artwork: Emily Boon Ying Tan is popularly known as Emily Tan in the art circles. Emily Tan is from Suffolk, UK. She is one of the most gifted and creative artists of the modern world. According to her biography, " A minimalist, a maximalist, utilizing multiple techniques and mediums together with a unique style, creating art of exceptional imagination and distinction. The power of the work is founded upon her motivation as a social entrepreneur, her altruistic determination to stimulate social change and inspire positive impact. Currently this young artist is working for the World Wildlife Fund UK, for a series of nine, large scale, animal portraits. Emily Tan graduated from University Campus of Suffolk in 2012 and ever since, this young artist has been busy. Her painting artworks have been featured in several leading publications and is a proud recipient of numerous awards. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the beautiful painting art by Emily Tan and be inspired.
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Daily Inspiration: Slow Motion Photography KingFisher